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  Lance Lewis frequently uses nicknames and terms that readers might find unfamiliar. Below is a list of some of those nicknames and terms:

BAMBI: Ben Bernanke

CHAIRMAN PowPow: Jerome Powell

CRASHETTE: A large decline in stocks that isn't quite a crash but is nearly as ugly.

EASTER BUNNY THEORY: The theory that after printing a few trillion dollars via QE1,2,&3 that all problems have essentially been "printed away" thereby allowing the US economy to achieve "escape velocity," the stock market to continue its never ending bull market, and for the Fed to raise interest rates multiple times, which will only serve to further strengthen the dollar and thus strengthen demand for both US equities and government debt. In short, it's a fantasy.


FILL THE GAP: Filling a gap up or gap down opening from a prior session.

HANDBOOK: The handbook on how to trade gold mining stocks, which is never wrong and currently out of print. Lewis also has the only copy still known to be in existence.


HOBBIT: Janet Yellen

MOB: Most Wall Street professionals that are clueless and simply pile their clients into mutual funds peddled by other clueless so-called professionals because it's what everyone else is doing, and if their clients lose money, then that's OK because everybody else will be losing too in their minds.

SEXY SEVEN PLAYTHINGS +1: Speculative tech stocks that tend to reflect the relative frothiness of the stock market (LNKD, GOOG, AAPL, TSLA, GRPN, NFLX, FB, and TWTR)

SIR PRINTSALOT: Alan Greenspan


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